Where are you and where are you going?  I would love to help you decrease that distance, through coaching.   Coaching, some call it Business Coaching or Life Coaching, is all about decreasing that distance between where you are and where you are headed. Counseling is about the past, Coaching […]

What is Coaching?

Let's Get Started! There is a limit to the number of coaching clients I can properly serve. Start by signing up for the free introductory coaching session here or at the widget on the left. After our session, if you wish to continue, the structure and pricing is as follows:   […]

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Coaching - Making ideas happen
Coaching can be for nearly everyone!  Coaching is for brave individuals – people strong enough to admit that something is missing from their lives and ready to invest in themselves and ask for help. Professionals who are committed to improving Small business owners leading their team Students moving forward with […]

Who is Coaching for?

I have been in a coaching relationship as the "coachee" since 2010. When I finish a coaching session, I describe it like this:  I now feel like I know where I am, and where I am going.  It's like staring at an amusement park map. A coaching session is like an […]

What are the benefits of being Coached?

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Personal Mark is a pastor with 25 years of full time experience, who discovered coaching 6 years ago. He has been at FLAG Church in Pittsburg, KS since 2000. He has been married to Sarah for 26 years with one son, Conner. Mark is is fast approaching 50 years of […]

Who is Mark Lehman?