What is Coaching?

Where are you and where are you going? 

I would love to help you decrease that distance, through coaching.


Coaching, some call it Business Coaching or Life Coaching, is all about decreasing that distance between where you are and where you are headed.

Counseling is about the past, Coaching is about the future.

Consulting is telling and directive, Coaching is listening and investigative.


Coaching is about the coach listening and asking questions that move you forward.

Why questions look backward.  What questions move us forward.

Example:  What is the next hurdle you need to clear to move closer to your goal?


My goal in a coaching session to ask the questions that brings out the crickets.  The silence.  The squirm factor.  The wheels are spinning like they haven’t in a long time.

Example:  What do you want to be different in your life one year from now?

When we’ve hit that moment, progress is not only being made, it is being revealed.


A coaching relationship is made up of Six 45 minute sessions over 3-6 months. 

The agenda for each session is based on answers you give to questions I will ask you beforehand.


My goal is to sculpt each session to accomplish the following:

To Relate: what can we celebrate and evaluate

To reflect: a time for me to listen and ask

To refocus:  Crystallize the key issues

To resource: clarifying your next action steps

To review:  to celebrate and evaluate


Where are you and where are you going? 

Let's decrease that distance together.

I would love the opportunity to take what I’ve learned and help coach you toward your God given goals.


You can find an intake form for a free introductory session at coaching.marklehman.net

Or email me at coaching@marklehman.net


What is the next step you sense God nudging you towards?


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