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There is a limit to the number of coaching clients I can properly serve.

Start by signing up for the free introductory coaching session here or at the widget on the left.

After our session, if you wish to continue, the structure and pricing is as follows:


Structure and Pricing

A coaching relationship is made up of Six 45 minute phone sessions over 3-6 months.

The agenda for each session is based on answers you give to questions I will ask you beforehand.

Pricing is $65 per session, payable in advance of each session, or $350 one time for all 6 sessions.


Where are you.  Where are you going? 

Let's decrease that distance together.

I would love the opportunity to take what I’ve learned and help coach you toward your God given goals.


You can find an intake form for a free introductory session on the left or right here.

What is the next step you sense God nudging you towards?



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